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The Pale Rider

  Anyone familiar with the 1985 Western classic Pale Rider will know that it contains many tropes of the genre: Clint Eastwood plays The Man With No Name, wanders into a small town, and takes it upon himself to fight for the locals, thus strengthening their resolve against a gang of murderers and thieves. I … Continue reading The Pale Rider


Death By A Thousand Cuts

  Ireland’s loss to Wales yesterday was eerily reminiscent of their defeat to England in the last round of the 2012 Six Nations; the conditions were atrocious, Ireland didn’t manage them well (while their opponents did) and everything they tried to do was hindered by slow ruck ball. The difference between the two matches is … Continue reading Death By A Thousand Cuts


  Before praising Ireland for their convincing win over France yesterday, the scoreline must be put into context. England put nearly 50 points on the same opposition four weeks ago, and although Ireland had enough chances to do the same, they didn’t convert several of them, and it will be a point of contention with … Continue reading Lazarus