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Born Again

Aside from a few bright sparks, it’s fair to say that Ireland have looked out of sorts since getting beaten out the gate by England in the 2019 Six Nations. Plenty of underlying causes have been theorised, but whether it came down to injury/loss of form to key players, a game plan/style of play that … Continue reading Born Again

Glass Ceiling

Had Ireland not conceded a red card against Wales and then played Eddie Jones’ side when they were finding their footing, this fixture probably wouldn’t instil the same sense of foreboding for Ireland, but unfortunately for Andy Farrell’s team, they have to go toe-to-toe with England right when they have rediscovered their best form. The … Continue reading Glass Ceiling

Playback Loop

Despite Andy Farrell’s optimism yesterday, it’s hard to know if Ireland should actually be taking any positives from their comprehensive defeat to England. The scoreboard didn’t reflect England’s dominance, and although the two sides are at much different points in their respective trajectories, there wasn’t much in the way of inspiration. Ireland didn’t lack for … Continue reading Playback Loop

The Hurt Arena

When you suffer consecutive bad losses against the same opponent in any sport, the biggest mistake you can make is refusing to acknowledge your shortcomings because of the pain that comes with doing so. When this happens, players and teams stop striving to improve and it leads to a vicious cycle of performance levels that … Continue reading The Hurt Arena