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Pain & Gain

  Saturday’s Champions Cup final between Leinster and Racing 92 won’t be remembered for being a spectacle, but the there’s no question that Leinster earned their fourth star. Much like Ireland did against France at the start of the Six Nations, the Dublin-based side demonstrated their champion quality by grinding out a victory despite playing … Continue reading Pain & Gain

Leinster v Racing 92: Match Preview

  Cup finals tend to be dour, defence-oriented affairs, and while tomorrow could be the same, it would be disappointing if Leinster and Racing 92 decided to batten down the hatches, given the positive, attacking mindset that both teams have displayed all season. It's wrong to describe them as similar in terms of their styles … Continue reading Leinster v Racing 92: Match Preview

Tidal Wave

  When Scott Fardy scored Leinster’s fourth try on Saturday, the atmosphere in the Aviva Stadium instantly disappeared. The passionate and vocal Llanelli supporters that had made the trip became visibly dispirited. In a way, it was disappointing that a match that was billed as a European knockout stage classic ended up being so one-sided, … Continue reading Tidal Wave