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Back With A Bang

The biggest question mark hanging over Ireland going into this match was whether or not they would heed the lessons of their hammering from England and uninspiring win over Scotland and adjust their game plan accordingly. That’s no disrespect to Italy; there were glimpses of what they are capable of back in the spring, but … Continue reading Back With A Bang

Eyes On The Prize

A long break from any sport often goes hand in hand with a dulled competitive edge and a high error count, but Ireland must hit the ground running this Saturday against Italy both to atone for their last outing and to keep their Championship hopes alive. With several club games under their belts, their players … Continue reading Eyes On The Prize

Brick Wall

  Yesterday was a classic example of Murphy’s Law for Ireland. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong; their pack were battered, their half-packs underperformed, their attack was limited (partly by aggressive defensive line speed and partly by their midfield personnel), their backfield cover was dreadful, and across the board, their error count … Continue reading Brick Wall